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Total Eclipse of the Heart


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They Call Me “The Baby Whisperer”


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Freshman Year Greatness

After a rowdy game of Cranium, time for a little excerciseand they are up!and down…

The parts of this night that I remember, I remember fondly.

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Aunt Mary (about seeing her grandsons over the holidays while she is in the hospital): I think they have a policy about kids visiting this part of the hospital. I don’t think they allow it.

Libby (mother of children): First we will work with the hospital, then we will work around them.


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I Eat At My House Sometimes

Sitting in my dining room tonight, I grabbed my cell to call and order a pizza from Cottage Inn. When I gave my cell number the employee asked, “Is this going to the Undergraduate Library?”

I was slightly embarrassed.

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Ugh, Spanish Class

Spanish class creates plenty of awkward moments. I mean, I am supposed to speak and respond in a language I only half understand. After giving a presentation the other day, my teacher – who is awesome – asked me a question. I had NO idea what she said, so I responded with an easy, “Sí.”

Turns out it wasn’t a yes or no question. Yikes. I wonder if the rest of the class understood what she asked…

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Hey, Remember That Time…

That I said that Hugo Chávez was from Chile?

Because my Spanish teacher does.

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Yes, I Am Serious

My aunt, who I love dearly, recently started a part time job to keep her busy in retirement. This job requires her to occasionally spend 8 hour days riding around a warehouse in electric wheelchairs to make sure they are safe. On day, not to long ago, my aunt fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a pile of boxes in the warehouse. She was so startled that she jumped out of the chair and fell on her face. The supervisor was so afraid that she had a stroke or something that would lead to a malpractice lawsuit that he didn’t fire her.


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More About Pregnant Women

I’ve dealt with a lot of pregnant women in my family, as most of my cousins have had babies. While only some went through the smug pregnant woman phase (as seen in the video below), they all had a baby shower before the birth of their first child. One of the worst was a baby shower for my cousin’s girlfriend. She was pregnant with a baby that may or may not have been my cousin’s (shhh). I missed out on the shower, but according to my mom and sister in law they had a KEG and JELLO SHOTS at the shower.


Now, in all fairness, not all baby showers in my family are ridiculous. I threw a very nice (I hope) baby shower for my lovely cousin T and her twins at my parents’ house over the summer for 35 adults and 12 kids, complete with crab cakes and without jello shots and silly baby shower games. Luckily, T was not one of the smug ones.

With such a large family there are bound to be some duds, but cousins like T make the others totally bearable. I’d put up with a thousand crazies anyday in order to have TT part of my family.

Oh, and happy birthday today, TT.

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Pregnant Women Are Smug

Funny, true, catchy. What more could you ask for.

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